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Published on 9th September 2019

Teaching My Partner How To Dive pt 2

On the second day of the course, I would teach my partner and student together, a quiet French girl who wasted neither words nor time, but got on with the task in hand and did so correctly ( I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it when this sort of person wants to learn to dive.). We also had to drive to the other side of the island for better weather, so it was potentially going to be a long day.

It wasn't, it was a dream. While my partner learned quickly, my other student learned quicker, and neither of them had any trouble completing the skills required. We finished ahead of schedule, which to be honest doesn't often happen in an open water course. I was optimistic for the second and third days, which - somehow, miraculously - would be just me and him.

The second day brought the only argument we've had since we accidentally broke up.