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Published on 17th May 2019

Best Co-working Spaces in Budapest

Best Coworking Spaces in Budapest

Kaptar: Widely acclaimed for attracting a pleasant balance of local freelancers and foreign digimads, Kaptar offers everything you could ever need from a hustling city's co-working space. It's got fast wifi and an attractive, carefully thought-out design, giving you plenty of space to work and think.

Mosaik: A splendid blend of colour and calm, this is more than just a place to work. Mosiak's chilled-out ambience and its lively crowd make it the perfect place to meet like-minded creatives, generate some new ideas, and even relax with a game of table tennis.

Impact Hub Budapest: This is a space with fantastic facilities that encourages collaboration on every level. It's well-known and well-liked for the range of events it holds throughout each month, but leaves plenty of time and space for getting down to business, too.

Loffice: Sleek and stylish, Loffice is a cool collaboration space with family-friendly facilities too, even offering a nursery option for those with younger kids. It makes for an inclusive and inviting atmosphere, with plenty of opportunities for networking.

Kubik Coworking Budapest: Start-up style in a great location. Kubik offers an extensive range of facilities, including an espresso bar and even changing rooms. There are private offices to rent too, with all the other amenties you'd expect from a top-notch coworking space.

UP Center: Well-lit with high-quality monitors and seating, this is a comfortable coworking space that's also very affordable. It attracts a dynamic and friendly crowd, so there's always a good chance of an interesting conversation and someone to bounce your ideas off of.

MUSE: A beautifully renovated and wonderfully decorated town-house, complete with wooden flooring and wrought-iron staircases, at MUSE you never feel like you're working at all. The light, airy rooms and serene atmosphere, however, are somehow conducive to both creativity and productivity, so chances are you'll meet all those deadlines in style.

OfficeLab113: Edgy and urban. OfficeLab113 has a cool design and a thoughtful layout that maximises the space and caters to every kind of worker in need; whether you need a large meeting room, an area for group collaboration, or a small pocket of quiet to concentrate, this coworking facility has you covered.

Komodor: Located right in the heart of Budapest. This is one of the city's most convenient coworking spaces, due to its location and also because you can rent a space that suits you and your needs by the day or by the month, with access to the considerable range of amenities regardless of your payment plan. You can even bring your own food, or take a shower.

StartIt@K&H: A coworking space with a difference. StartIt offers all the facilities you'd expect from a professional coworking environment, but also programmes aimed at helping new small businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs the head start they need. There's a full-time mentoring and consulting service available, as well as regular professional meetups and workshops.

Wekerlei Community Office: A community-focused environment, this is a cosy space that encourages local networking and collaboration with a home-like atmosphere and a focus on neighborhood as well as international connections.

Uniqa Plaza: A chic skyrise with spacious, fully-equipped offices to rent. Ideal if you're after a more exclusive, luxurious quality of coworking, there's a restaurant in the building itself and a four-star hotel within walking distance.

Csalogány47: Sleek, classy, and yet somehow fun, this stunning space has been thought through in every detail. There's outdoor spaces, indoor spaces, and spaces that are somewhere in between; there's nooks, crannies, and airy rooms full of light; there's comfortable furniture, and furniture for when its time to sit up and pay attention. And it comes with all the great facilities you could ask for, too – even showers, and a great coffee shop.